Video Impact on Classrooms & Education

In today’s world, technology is constantly evolving and being incorporated in nearly all aspects of society. Education is no exception and videos and other types of technology such as laptops and ipads are being implemented into classrooms to spark innovative ways of teaching and encourage creative ways of learning. Many schools are providing high-speed wireless Internet networks and allowing students to use their own laptops, netbooks, ipads, and mobile phones. Some schools even provide devices for student use through check-out systems or other ways to monitor the distribution of the items. Many teachers use technology in the classroom as an instructional tool and a lot seek interesting and unique ways of using technology in their daily lessons.

Ways Technology Facilities Further Education

Provides an Aid to Instruction

Many teachers use technology as teaching aids during their instruction to create a more interactive audio-visual learning atmosphere. Videos about subjects previously discussed in class help students visual the concepts and view examples. It is helpful to visually see something to gain a better understanding of the concept or idea. Many teachers also use PowerPoint presentation and animation elements to discuss topics in an interesting and interactive way. This may increase interest from students and increase attentiveness in the classroom. Interactive media have also proved to be helpful in boosting the concentration levels of students.

Easy Access to Information

The Internet is a vast information base and students can easily acquire knowledge by visiting search engines that provide an abundance of search results. There are also numerous websites and directories that offer information on nearly every subject.
Information is Stored More Efficiently
Technology provides a better way for information to be stored and retrieved. Digital libraries do not need any physical space and students and teachers from around the world can access the same information simultaneously. Large amounts of data can be stored in folders or on small microchips. Also, typing is becoming much faster than writing.

Facilitates Student Expression

Technology allows students to use a variety of tools to express themselves or demonstrate what they have learned. There is a wide range of software and programs to assist in creating presentations and projects that spark a greater interest and lead to better retention of information. Students have the ability to create notes that are easy to remember. Also, it is easier for students to carry more advanced technology such as ipads or ebooks instead a large amount of textbooks.

Education is More Accessible

Technology has allowed education to be delivered online to offer a whole new dimension of higher learning. Students who live far away from each other can participate in the same class. Various institutes of higher learning offer online courses, which gets rid of the time and space constraints of pursuing postsecondary education.